Thursday, November 11, 2010

Product Review- Grandpa's Kitchen Pizza Mix

The mix...

The toppings...

The finished products...

I recently went to a demo at Beehive Essentials. They were featuring the Grandpa's Kitchen line of gluten-free products. I was able to meet the co-owner and creator, Allison Kuawe. Like many of us, her diagnosis started her on the path to find delicious food she could eat. Her mother Joyce, was diagnosed shortly after, & they experimented gluten-free flours. In the beginning, the family would pass out their "special" mixes, for people to try. They eventually convinced the duo to sell their product.

Grandpas Kitchen products are made right here in Utah.During our demo, Allison shared with us a delicious samples of orange danish, carrot cake, and sandwich bread. I was really impressed with these products. There was no gritty aftertaste, and the breads basically melted in your mouth. As they say in the biz "it has a nice mouth feel". Allison informed us, that Grandpas Kitchen also has a cookbook, that uses many of their mixes. You can find the book at

Now onto my pizza review....I was really surprised by how chewy the pizza crust was. Rice flour crusts tend to turn into mush in your mouth, but this crust was really great. The flavor,however,reminded me of a potato. Over all,I would give the crust a 4 on a scale of 5. Not bad for a local product. I will definitely buy it again, and try Cinnamon Rolls next time :)

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