Thursday, June 30, 2011

Mainstream Gluten Free Cereal Review: Part 1

I'm so excited that General Mills, Post, and Kellogg's companies have finally started to recognize a celiacs need for breakfast cereal!

For years, I can remember heading to Wild Oats to get Ewehorn and Barbara Brand GF cereals. Then as a god send, Kroger stores(also known as Smith's Stores in the West) started carrying many gluten free items in their health food section.
Now the big boys, have finally come to the realization that they can have a peice of the gluten free market too, so to speak.

Now onto the review:

Fruity Pebbles Manufacturer: Post cereals
Wow! This is one sweet cereal! I can only stand a small bowl, but my 6 year old claims it is her favorite cereal. If I do eat a bowl for breakfast, I mix it half-and-half, with Rice Krispies.

CHEX Chocolate, Honey Nut, Cinammon, Rice, and Corn Chex.
Manufacturer: General Mills
I Love Chex! They are so versatile. Not only can I make my favorite,(Muddie Buddies)but also GF Chex Mix. As a breakfast choice, the Chocolate Chex is my favorite. Every other square is choclate flavored, so you dont have this overly sweet cereal.

Rice Krispies Manufacturer: Kellogg's
After much anticipation, I bought my first box last week. As a breakfast cereal with milk, this get less than stellar marks. The cereal has a musty taste, and the texure is stale. However, I was surprised that it made very good Krispie Treats. Unlike the original, Rice Krispies, the gluten-free one is made with brown rice, instead of white, which may account for the different taste/texture.

Stay tuned for part 2, where I will be reviewing, Cookie Crisp with Sprinkles, and 2 other cereals.

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    I'm excited to try Rice Krispie Treats with the gluten free cereal. I'm glad to know there is a difference between the gluten free ones and the regular. I've been wondering. And I definitely agree about Chex. Love General Mills for those!