Tuesday, February 1, 2011

the Forkies

I love award shows, so when January/February rolls around, and the re-runs
are on, I still have the award shows to look forward to. The Academy awards, Sag Awards, Golden Globes, and my favorite, The People's Choice(because I get to vote!) This made me think of awarding the best gluten-free products- so here it goes!

For best overall baking mix: Bisquick Baking Mix.
I love this product! at 3.84 a box, it's a bargain in the gluten free shopping world. I use to make cheddar biscuits, (like the ones at Red Lobster) and they are to die for!

For best Pancake Mix: Pamela's Pancake Mix.
I like my pancakes with a little extra something in them. Pamela's does this by adding Almond Meal in its mix. I also use this mix for breading products, such as my knock off Chick-fil-a nugget recipe.

For best Bread mix: Grandpas Kitchen Gluten Free Lactose Free Bread Mix. This stuff is made right here in my hometown, and it produces a nice firm loaf, perfect for toasting for sandwiches.

For best Frozen Ready-to-eat bread: Udi's whole grain bread
Tastes like real bread, and the added whole grains are great for your digestive tract.

For best Pizza Crust Mix: Bob's Gluten Free Red Mill Pizza Crust. This mix is relatively cheap(3.49 a bag) and produces a chewy pizza crust. A also like the the mix makes enough for 2 large pizzas per pkg.

Best Gluten Free Oats: Bob' Red Mill. I have re-discovered no-bake cookies, and granola again thanks to this product!

Best Additive: Auguson Farms Xanthan Gum
Forget the other x-gums. This company gives you double the amount( one pound) for the price of other x-gums( Bob's Red Mill) for the same price 12.99.
You can find it in any Macey's store here in Utah, or order online @ http://www.augusonfarms.com/.
Best Chocolate Cake Mix: King Arthur's Flour Chocolate Cake Mix. Oh my! Tastes just like a regular cake mix. Moist and delicious. Top with Pillsbury chocolate frosting for a gluten free treat!

And lastly, the best Gluten Free Flour Mix. This is a tough one. Twenty years ago you couldn't find GF flour mixes on the store shelves, but today we have many choices. It is a tie in this area. I've separated this category into two different sub categories:Homemade and store bought.

For Homemade mix: The Un-flour mix by Christina Davis. This is a homemade mix using Rice flour, tapioca Flour, and cornstarch. It works really well in recipes, and if you are lucky enough to find these in 25 pound bags, you can mix your own right at home. If interested Christina has her book, Irresistibly Gluten Free on sale www.amazon.com. Would definitely recommend this if you have young celiacs.

And in the Pre-made flour mix: Grandpas Kitchen Flour Mix
Thes make the best Buttermilk Biscuits you have ever tasted, and I have the waistline to prove it! I make a large batch, individually wrap, and freeze them for later use.

Well, there you have it, the first annual Forkies! We'll do it again next year, and I'm looking forward to testing all the new products of 2011!

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